Log Legend

Each log entry starts with the name of the mp4 file. This name is of the form finchYYMMDDHHMMSS.mp4. YYMMDDHHMMSS is the approximate time that the video was taken. So finch150602145603.mp4 would correspond to June 2, 2015 at 14:56 and 3 seconds.

Unfortunately the timestamp is attached to the file a few minutes after the video was filmed. This can be confusing because the first two videos on any day were really taken the evening before, but just not processed.

Notation Meaning
ooo Mom Finch is out of the nest
R xx min Mom has come back to the next after xx minutes
A Dad is around
CF or FC Mom Feeding Chicks
ACF Dad feeding chicks
E Playing with the eggs
AF Dad feeding Mom
FamF or FF Family Feed
T Tending - may be egg tending, chick grooming, feces removal
V Visible VC means Visible Chick (not invisible inside nest)
L Mom leaves nest
! review the full video for possible inclusion on web site
Atticus we had been calling the Dad Atticus
W Watching
x sitting on eggs or sleeping on nest
B Bad video (because of early morning darkness)
Def Chick Defecating

The log file


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